Confusion week at A Fazenda 12!

Seven Bababa99 days of disarray at A Fazenda 12! In the wake of vanquishing numerous hostilities inside the house, Luiza Ambiel did battle subsequent to being assigned for Roça on Tuesday (20), by then rancher Mariano.

The seventh week in the most watched unscripted TV drama in Brazil!
Joining Luiza on the seats were, as per the house’s vote, the funk craftsman Mirella, trailed by Mateus Carrieri, drove by Mirella, and Juliano Ceglia, who got the most votes in a subsequent small vote that supplanted the generally notable elements of Resta One.

This new small vote happened due to the force of the Red Fire conceded to Jojo Todynho , who needed to pick three pawns for another vote. Jojo then picked Biel, Lidi and Juliano, who got the most horrendously awful of it.

Juliano, the last to join the development of Roça this seventh week, rejected Luiza Ambiel from taking part in the Prova do Fazendeiro, which…

The Rancher’s Test
The rancher’s test was challenged by Mirella , Mateus and Juliano, and comprised of tossing balls at boxes with the assistance of a sling.

In this test Juliano was the champ and gotten away from the 6th Roça of the program, keeping the renowned and much wanted rancher’s cap.

The greatest disarray week in A Fazenda
On the evening of Wednesday (21), preceding the Rancher’s Test, Luiza Ambiel assembled a conference outside the base camp. Uniting every one of the pawns for a totally pointless piece episode in A Fazenda 12 .

greatest wreck on the ranch
With the noticeable expectation of setting one member against the other. Luiza nearly got what she needed. Since the pawns Lipe, Mariano and Jakelyne didn’t succumb to the ex-model’s tattle and openness meeting. The disarray in A Fazenda was given here.

However, the equivalent didn’t occur with Raissa. The previous second place Miss Butt totally let completely go during a contention. Yet again putting her Marginal Disorder to be helped and decided by the entire country. Furthermore, this time it was Jojo Todynho who held the member.

A few famous people even remarked on the web about Raissa’s way of behaving. That rouses consideration and requires clinical treatment. Remaining against television Record for permitting this kind of openness.

the end
On Thursday night (22), Mateus Carrieri, Mirella and Luiza Ambiel gathered their packs, expressed farewell to their imprisonment partners and off they went to another homestead.

With a record vote of almost 800 million votes. Luiza Ambiel had the greatest dismissal of the release up to this point. Having gotten just 11.01% of votes to stay truly.

Mirella was in runner up, getting 18.62% of the decisions in favor of perpetual quality. While Mateus Carrieri was the holder of something like 70.37% of the votes!

seventh week ranch
the party of the week
The party was themed “Neon”, and had loads of tomfoolery and compromise between the members! Harmony expected to rule after such a fierce week!

Just Lipe and Victoria had a slight conflict. At the point when Victoria asked him for what valid reason he had moved toward Raíssa. Be that as it may, even this, the party’s just conflict, was liberated from allegations and stress.

Be that as it may, do you have any idea what enthusiasts of A Fazenda 12 loved the most? The arrival of the “Tael” couple! Tays and Biel accommodated at the party and satisfied numerous watchers!






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